Halcyon Yacht Charter is making waves in the world of the super rich within the States today.

We publish nine editions each year and feature interviews with prominent people and stars – but we are much more than just another celeb mag!

Culture and taste are important to us and our readers appreciate style above all.

Although we operate within the upper echelons of society, it is not all just about the money. Our readers are intelligent people, who want the best and expect quality.

We provide the exciting locations for their next rendezvous or information about the best restaurants in town.

We follow the jet setters on their photo shoots and feature the top end goods – be they couture, wines or beauty.

We are a unique mixture of lifestyle and VIP reveals.

The best places to party, the most exclusive restaurants to dine in and which yachts to hire for your summer events – we’ve got it all covered in one package.

And our publication is available to download or as an actual newsstand copy, all over America.

Halcyon Yacht Charter features what’s trending and what’s hot, for our readers. As well as offering a wealth of practical information – the top schools in the country, the best experts in fitness and lifestyle, and of course, business news.

Keep an eye on it all and more importantly, have some fun, when you kick back and spend some time with our glossy pages.

Our writers are all well-traveled and cosmopolitan professionals, who are as at home in Aspen, as they are Milan.

Unlike some other style guides, our pages are not simply a list of the places to be and the parties to be seen at, although we do that as well.

We bring a uniquely personalized approach to our lifestyle guide.

We keep it real, but bring a balanced and humorous tone to our features, and make them relevant to you.

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